ECABO is the 'Centre of Expertise on Vocational Education, Training and Labour Market' for the economic/administrative, ICT and security professions.

ECABO works for the entire range of vocational training. We focus our attention on the levels VMBO (lower secondary vocational education), MBO (senior secondary vocational education) and HBO (higher vocational education), in order to ensure that students are able to achieve the best possible educational level without having to deal with unnecessary impediments in the course of their education.

Our objective: vocational education and the labour market

Our objective is professional training that matches up optimally to the demands of the labour market. For this reason, ECABO has taken on the role of a bridge between trade and industry and vocational training. We do this by means of a wide range of services; these include the development and maintenance of the national qualification profiles for MBO education, ensuring that there are sufficient good quality work placements available in industry, and supporting educational establishments when they are setting examinations, for example via a test paper database.

ECABO sectors for secundary vocational education

The ECABO sectors constitute a major proportion of the labour and training market. To give you an impression of this: at the ROCs (regional training centres), more than 90,000 students - one-fifth of the entire MBO - undergo senior secondary vocational education in an ECABO sector. Besides these, there are thousands of youngsters who have chosen to gain such education at private educational establishments.

Our International projects

Already for many years ECABO has been, and still is participating in projects and pilots. International projects with the goal of improving internationalisation and mobility for VET students are being participated in, supported, or set up by us. Some of these projects are EU-funded - as the QUAL4T project and the INtheMC-project are -, other projects or pilots are financed by the ECABO itself - an example for this is the setting up of an intermediary, Barcelona Students, that finds and proposes accreditation of training companies, and gives guidance to students during their work placement in Spain -. If you want to know more about current or recent projects in which ECABO participates, please read the overview of our international projects.